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Are you on the look out for a new or used semi-trailer? Discover our newest arrivals using the handy search feature below. Should you be interested, please fill out the enquiry form on your designated trailer page. Our dedicated sales representatives will be in touch as soon as possible with further information.

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Trailer Trading is thrilled to introduce its new online marketplace exclusively designed for the exchange of both new and pre-owned semi-trailers. Our platform offers an extensive array of used semi-trailers including refrigerated, low-loader, tanker, flatbed, bulk tipping and curtainside trailers. Our listings showcase some of the most renowned brands in the trailer trading industry, along the likes of Doepker, Doonan, Kraker, East Manufacturing, Fontaine, Felling, Feldbinder, Magyar, Great Dane, Heil, Hyundai, Kentucky, Pitts, Polar and Travis.

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What to consider when buying a used semi-trailer?

When considering the purchase of a used semi-trailer, it’s important to look out for a few key aspects. The primary focus should be on the trailer’s condition, assess whether the trailer has had regular maintenance work and services carried out as these are pivotal indicators of its current state. A trailer that is in poor condition may lead to significant repair costs resulting in higher and longer-term expenses.

A physical inspection is also important, make sure you check the truck’s exterior looking out for visible surface damage on the windscreen, mirrors, tyres and tread depth. Ensure the water and oil levels are adequate and thoroughly examine the dashboard and seats for any signs of wear and tear. Start the ignition and leave the engine running for a while, pay close attention to any unusual sounds such as rattling, hissing or knocking. Taking the time to run through these vital checks will guarantee a secure investment, contributing to the growth and efficiency of your business.

Frequently asked questions

Trailer Trading is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the industry buying and selling used semi-trailers from across the UK. We understand the challenges often associated with online marketplaces and auction houses, that’s why we’ve streamlined the entire process to provide our customers with a fast and hassle-free experience, with no extra costs. Whether you’re looking for a refrigerated trailer to transport chilled and frozen goods or perhaps a bulk powder trailer for the use of cement and chemical powders, we can help match you with the perfect trailer for your business. Our commitment to excellence not only guarantees a hassle-free experience for our customers, but also involves a thorough inspection of every trailer prior to listing, ensuring all safety standards and regulations are adhered to.

We currently have a number of used fridge trailers for sale, vital for the supermarket and food processing sectors. These trailers are ideal for long distance journeys whilst protecting the goods from harsh weather, theft, spoilage and damage.

We also have a number of used powder and vacuum tanks for sale. If you are looking for something in particular that we currently do not list – be sure to get in touch and we’ll notify you as soon as one becomes available.

We’ve streamlined the entire process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free sale. Whether you are looking for a specific trailer or want to explore what’s on offer, our user-friendly search tool allows you to filter your search and browse the full range. Should you be interested in a particular trailer, simply click on the listing to explore the specifications along with a gallery of images. Each listing includes a quick and convenient contact form, fill in your details and a member of our sales representatives will be in touch shortly with further information.

Rigorous Inspections and Seamless Sales at Trailer Trading

Trailer Trading adheres to strict in-depth inspections and detailed evaluations of our trailers prior to listing on our website. Our mission is to make your trailer sale a smooth, swift and hassle-free process, so if you have an enquiry or would like to speak with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 0161 432 1477 or send us an email at


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Wherever you’re based in the UK, we’re able to provide a hassle-free quote for your semi-trailer. When you sell to Trailer Trading, you never have to worry about seeing your assets return to the UK market, potentially ending up in the possession of your competitors. Selling directly to us ensures the protection of your future contracts and the best price for your semi-trailer — as we are valuation specialists!

We’re part of the market, so we know the true value of your vehicle. Are you interested in learning more? Submit your semi-trailer’s details and we’ll give you an accurate quote in just a few hours. We also back this up with a same-day payment and a collection organised at a time that’s convenient for you.