If you’ve owned a tanker trailer in the past, have a fleet of them at the ready, wish to upgrade or are looking to modernise your fleet, you’ll know all too well the importance of these vehicles across a multitude of sectors. You could argue the beating heart of the UK lies in its tanker trailers, and this has probably been most evident in recent years with the transition from Brexit to the pandemic, war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis. Tanker trailers are often unsung heroes – designed for specific purposes.

Whether you’re in the market for (or wish to sell) a vacuum, bulk powder, tipping silo, stainless steel 316 or 304, food, chemical ADR, or petroleum tanker, let’s explore the different types, their uses and the impact they have on modern society before exploring a few top tips when buying or selling these dependable semi-trailers.

Food Tankers: Hygienic, Safe & Efficient Transport

These tankers not only ensure the safe and sanitary transport of consumable goods, but they also serve as integral components of the food supply chain. Constructed with hygienic designs and equipped with temperature control systems, they adhere to strict regulations and standards. From preventing contamination to preserving optimal temperatures, food tankers exemplify durability and reliability. Today’s crop of insulated tankers store liquids at temperatures for long periods, which ensures the goods arrive in the very best condition.

Chemical ADR Tankers: Meeting Safety Standards

Engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, Chemical ADR tankers are designed to transport hazardous materials. Equipped with advanced safety features and designed in adherence to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), these tankers prevent leaks or spills during transit and have been rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process, whether that’s single or multi-compartment tankers.

Fuel Tankers: Purpose-made to transport petrol, diesel, oil and other inflammable liquids

Crucial tools in the oil and gas industry, petroleum tankers ensure the efficient transportation of liquid fuels. The recent challenges faced by this sector, including the pandemic and geopolitical events, underscore the vulnerability of fuel supply chains. In these situations, the ability of these tankers to navigate challenges and maintain consistent deliveries becomes pivotal for averting fuel shortages. In the UK and throughout most parts of Europe, G. Magyar are recognised as one of the leading tanker manufacturers along with Fuller Tankers, Kässbohrer, Maisonneuve, Montracon, SDC Trailers and Tiger Trailers.

Stainless Steel 316 or 304 Tankers: Resilience and Corrosion Resistance

Built from robust grades 316 and 304, stainless steel tankers stand out for their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Versatile in transporting corrosive substances and chemicals, they serve as dependable assets for a range of industries. From transporting hazardous chemicals to food-grade products, these tankers offer reliability, safety, security and convenience.

Buying the Right Tanker Trailer

For those navigating the process of buying a tanker trailer, Trailer Trading’s sales team are always on hand to offer advice or guidance. Whether your focus is on vacuum, bulk powder, tipping silo, stainless steel, food, chemical ADR, or petroleum tankers, we can help you assess your options and begin to narrow down the right tanker trailer for your needs.

The best starting point is to think carefully about the specific materials that need to be transported while determining your cargo capacity requirements. At the same time, you may want to focus on safety features as well as loading and unloading efficiency. At Trailer Trading, we are buying and selling tanker trailers on a daily basis, so whether you’re looking for a quality used semi-trailer or a modern vehicle for your expanding fleet, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Selling Your Tanker Trailer: A Seamless Process with Trailer Trading

While exploring the various marketplace websites serves as a starting point in understanding your tanker’s value, you’re already in the right place to obtain the best possible price. Trailer Trading offers a seamless process for selling tanker trailers. Simply complete our quick and easy form today, and we’ll be back in touch with a fast and fair price. We can also provide same-day payment whilst our drivers are ready to collect at a time and location that’s right for you.

How many litres does a petrol tanker hold in the UK?

Petroleum tanker capacities can vary, but in the UK, the common range is between 35,000 to 44,000 litres. The specific volume depends on the tanker’s design, size and intended use.

How does a petrol tanker work?

Petrol tankers are equipped with a pumping system that allows for the loading and unloading of liquid cargo. The pumping mechanism ensures a controlled flow of fuel, maintaining safety and efficiency throughout the transportation process.

Can Trailer Trading handle different types of tanker trailers?

Absolutely. Trailer Trading specialises in buying and selling various types of used semi-trailers, including vacuum, bulk powder, tipping silo, stainless steel, food, chemical ADR and petroleum tankers. Simply put, if you have a tanker you’re looking to sell, we’ll offer you a no-obligation quotation as soon as possible – simply ping us the details of your semi-trailer, and we’ll be back in touch.

What sets Trailer Trading apart?

We’re focused on customer satisfaction, offering fair valuations, efficient transactions and a reliable partnership for all your tanker trailer needs. We know that in this sector, tyre kickers can waste valuable time, energy and money, and that’s before you even consider the auction or marketplace fees when you do finally land an interested buyer. By removing the uncertainty and stress, we offer a quick quote for you to consider. You can sell your tanker trailer today – literally!

Final Wrap Up

We hope this guide gives you some valuable information on tanker trailers; after all, these vehicles are indispensable to so many industries. From sustaining economies to ensuring safe transport and navigating the challenges faced by the oil and gas sector, these trailers propel us forward. Whether you’re buying, selling, or just seeking information on how you can export your tanker, Trailer Trading’s friendly team are always here to help. To learn more about us and how we can help you, simply give us a call or send us a message.

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