To sell your trailer for the best price, take a look at our insight piece here. You can also consider the following tips:

  1. Define the ‘right’ time to sell: Timing can impact the value of your trailer. Understanding market demand and seasonal fluctuations can help you pick the best time to sell your trailer or upgrade your fleet. 
  2. Prepare your trailer: Ensure your semi-trailer is in good condition and presentable. Small repairs and thorough cleaning can add value to your asset. If there is any damage or faults, inform the trailer buyer, so they can quickly give you an accurate price. 
  3. Provide detailed information: This follows from the point above. When you request a valuation from Trailer Trading, it’s always helpful to provide comprehensive details about your trailer, including its make, model, age, and any unique features. The more information we have, the more accurate our quote will be, so please send us some high-resolution photos! 
  4. Consider multiple quotes: Obtain quotes from numerous buyers to compare offers. Trailer Trading offers a fast and fair quote, allowing you to make an informed decision. You also don’t need to worry about the age or condition of your trailer – we’ll give you a reasonable price, send payment the very same day and organise a collection around your schedule. 
  5. Use an established trailer trader: Choosing an experienced and reputable trailer trader like us will always maximise your chances of getting the best price quickly and efficiently – no tyre kickers or timewasters.