Trailers are an essential part of the transportation system of goods, whether that be building materials, food, fuel, livestock, vehicles or machinery. Selling a trailer has long been very difficult, especially in the UK. Those major marketplace websites can be great if the right individual spots your vehicle instantly and has been waiting for an asset just like yours, however, it’s generally a long, slow and painful process!

From expensive advertising costs to extra fees and tyre kickers, selling your semi-trailer for the right price can take months at the best of times. You’re also competing with many other similar vehicles, potentially feeling the need to pay for ‘premium listings’ just to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. At Trailer Trading, our business was born out of a passion to ease the burden of selling your vehicle, ensuring every individual or haulage company can be given a fast, accurate, and fair quotation. You can sell your vehicle in minutes rather than months!

Don’t get caught up in the storm of used truck sales

When selling a trailer, you have to be very careful. You are potentially getting rid of a good chunk of your business’ capital, so you need to get maximum value with little time, money, and energy wasted. Having your team members advertise your vehicle on multiple marketplace websites is time-consuming, and you’re paying out cash for adverts that may not attract the interest (or price) you require. You can look at semi-trailer auctions, but again, you open doors to high seller fees, hidden costs, and wasted hours with no guarantee your semi-trailer will sell.

When selling a used trailer, most owners worry about depreciation rates. The irony is that they wait and wait for the right price, with the vehicle’s worth declining by the day. If you want an accurate valuation or simply want to sell your semi-trailer today, we’re here to help. Simply select your trailer type and complete our quick and easy form. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible with a quote — and we’re not relying on databases. We genuinely look at the information you provide and do our research to ensure you get the best possible quote.

If you’re searching for ways to “Sell My Trailer” and you need some assistance from our team, we’re always happy to answer any questions. Even if you just want to know your vehicle’s worth, why not request your free valuation today!